Culture Shock-What I Might Face ?

If I imagine that I will move to another country, I will miss so many things about the UAE culture.One of the things is the food,because Emirati food  contain so many spices and it is difficult to find it in different countries. Another thing, the sound of the pray call, it remind you to pray also it make you feel warm and comfortable.

I might face culture shock in different things.For example, the language would be the biggest culture shock, because language is so important to communicate, if you couldn’t speak their language i will not adapt. Another culture shock is their social rules, like the relationship between the man and woman might be less informal like holding hand and kissing in public.

There are same Technique to minimize the culture shock. One of the technique is read about the country before you visit it, another technique is to go in public and try to interact with the people, or to try to find arabic people to help you interact faster.


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