High & Low Context Culture

High Or  Low Context Culture Descriptors:

  1. Strong sense of insiders and outsiders (H)
  1. Specific information exists (L)
  1. Informal (L)
  1. Team and family activities preferred (H)
  1. Focus on results (L)
  1. Transparency expected (L)
  1. A lot of confidential information (H)
  1. Rules and regulations are easily accessible (L)
  1. Close personal relationships (H)
  1. General information (H)
  1. Elders/authoritative figures in control (H)
  1. “Have a go at it” philosophy (L)
  1. Individual responsibility (L)
  1. Concerned about ‘losing’ face. (H)
  1. Expertise valued (L)
  1. Who you know is important (H)
  1. Focus on task (H)
  1. Emphasis on words and text (L)
  1. Strong sense of family (H)
  1. What you know is important (L)
  1. Gender roles clearly defined (H)
  1. Polite people admired (H)
  1. Reserved (H)
  1. Individual freedom valued (L)
  1. Strong sense of honour (H)
  1. Short term relationships (L)
  1. Process more important than product (H)
  1. Privacy (even when dealing with one’s own family) highly valued (H)
  1. Public admission of wrongdoing expected. (H)
  1. Strong sense of respect (H)
  1. Better response to visual information (H)                
  1. Gender roles less fixed (L)
  1. No direct eye contact (H)
  1. Strong sense of fairness (L)
  1. Verbal agreements (H)
  1. Values logic over feeling (L)
  1. Very rare marriage with outsiders (H)
  1. Clear division of responsibilities at work (L)
  1. Written contracts (L)
  1. Public criticism insulting (H)

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